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TCFC Competitive

The TCFC Competitive program is for kids who are looking for more practices, heightened game intensity, personal challenges, and most importantly, a great soccer experience. Players in the TCFC Competitive program are placed on a dedicated roster, where practices and training are focused on the development of the team as a whole so the kids can develop skills and experience to be more competitive in games by working together.


20 Professional Trainer Sessions

TCFC Competitive teams receive 20 professionally led trainer sessions, 10 in the Fall and 10 in the Spring.

Full Access Training

Balance Between Youth Activities

Training and game schedules in TCFC Competitive allow balance for kids who want to play competitive soccer, yet leave time for other sports or activities. TCSA strongly encourages participation in all youth activities!

Guaranteed Games & Tournaments

TCFC Competitive teams play 8 league games per season and at least 2 tournaments per year. There may be additional game opportunities for TCFC Competitive players if there are multiple teams in an age division.

Home Field Advantage

Half of the games are located on our home fields at James Breen Park. Away games are typically within a 30-60 minute driving radius.

TCFC Competitive & Recreational

TCFC Competitive players are allowed to continue playing with their Rec team if they wish to register in both programs.

Professional Coaching

TCSA offers professional coaching for Classic teams. Alternatively, parents may coach a Classic team after completion of a league licensing program.

Travel Teams


  • 2016 Raptors
  • 2015 Legion
  • 2015 Vipers
  • 2015 Prime
  • 2014 Energy City
  • 2014 Wolverines
  • 2013 Crushers
  • 2013 Wolverines
  • 2012 Manchester
  • 2012 Huskies
  • 2011 Arsenal
  • 2010 Outlaws
  • 2009 Rangers
  • 2008 TCFC


  • 2014 Dynamite
  • 2014 Lightning
  • 2013 Warriors
  • 2012 Vikings
  • 2012 Warriors
  • 2012 Seals

Travel Teams


  • U8 Titans
  • U10 Crushers
  • U10 Wolverines
  • U11 Manchester
  • U12 Arsenal
  • U12 Huskies
  • U12 Warriors
  • U14 Rangers
  • U15 TCFC


  • U11 Warriors

Full access training

Goalkeeper Training

Goalkeepers are a key element to the game and require specialized training for the position. Because TCSA values the quality of all of our goalkeepers’ development, we offer goalkeeper specific training to all players looking to play the position. Goalkeepers are offered training to help them learn technical details of the position and to practice proper techniques and tactics based on their age and ability, as well as the psychology and physical demands of the position.

Goalkeeper Training is offered during the fall and spring outdoor season at no extra cost to our travel players.

FALL 2024:

7:00pm - 8:00pm

Coach: Jenny Tedford

FALL 2024:

6:00pm – 7:00pm

Coach: Jenny Tedford

Fast Footwork Training

Fast Footwork Training is designed to improve an individual player’s comfort level with the ball. It gives the player the opportunity to practice what they have learned in training in addition to learning new moves in a no pressure environment. Players are encouraged to be more creative with the ball in 1v1 play, which allows them to get more touches on the ball. Repetition is the key to mastery; the more players practice as individuals the more comfortable they become using what they have been taught against other players in game situations. Players will work with various coaches within TCSA’s coaching staff. They will also learn technical and tactical details about the game. Training is meant to be fun for the players and gives them the chance to experience different perspectives and techniques by working with a variety of coaches. All TCFC Competitive players are highly encouraged to attend Fast Footwork Training as often as possible. Players should bring a ball and water and must wear shin guards.
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Recreational League

Fall 2024 Season – September 7th – November 2nd
Spring 2025 Season – April 5th – June 7th

For over 45 years, our community program has provided nurturing soccer experiences for kids aged 5 to 18. Led by parent coaches, teams practice one or two days weekly with TCSA staff support. Games are held on Saturdays across the Tri-Cities area. Over a 9-week season,  emphasizing skill development and teamwork, our current Rec program prioritizes enjoyment over competition, ideal for children seeking fun and fitness. Register today!