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Referee Training and Clinics

Without referees, games cannot be played in a safe and fair manner. TCSA employs referees from age fourteen through adulthood to officiate our recreational and travel soccer games. We work to develop referee skills from their initial sign-up through hands-on training. Through our program, referees should expect to receive some or all of the following benefits:

- Competitive hourly pay that increases with experience

- An opportunity to make your own schedule -- you pick what times you’re going to work

- Classroom trainings to help understand how a referee thinks – makes you a better player

- On-field training with an ability to communicate with our leaders and mentors during games

- Develop communication and professionalism skills working with kids and adults at the same time

- A resume builder – many referees use us as a reference on college and job applications

referee level system

All NEW referees under the age of 18 enter as a Level 1 referee. All referees age 18 and above are Level 4 referees.

Level 1 Referees:

Take a two-part training before their first season

Attend a two-hour, one-part training before
each following season

Ref all games with a partner (typically a Level 3 referee)
in a two-man system

Are able to ref only for U8 and U9/U10 games

Will receive a headset guided game within the first
three weeks of the season

Level 2 Referees:

Attend the same two-hour, one-part training before
each season

Ref all games with a partner (typically another Level 2 referee) in a two-man system

Are able to ref U8, U9/U10, or U12 games

Level 3 Referees:

Peer mentor referees, typically juniors or seniors in high school

Chosen by the Referee Directors and Assignor based on merit and desire

Generally paired with a new Level 1 referee in a two-man system

Take an active leadership role on the field to develop new referee skills

Attend a one-hour mentor referee training prior to each season

Are able to ref U8, U9/U10, or U12 games

Level 4 Referees:

Immediately become Level 4 upon turning 18, or starting after age 18 in our program

Attend a one-hour rules review, areas of focus, and new rules training prior to each season

Can work all levels of games

May choose to work games solo or with a partner

referee pay scale

local referee assignor

0-15 games = $12 per game

16-34 games = $14 per game

35+ games = $16 per game

Filling out your ENTIRE game card correctly = $3 per game

Level 3 Referees:

All games = $22 per game

Eligible for the game card BONUS

Promoted to Level 3 based on skills, experience,
and leadership

Level 4 Referees:

Anyone 18 years or older

All games = $32 per game

referee bonuses

Travel certified = $5 BONUS per game

Season-end awards = $30 for all awards

Kyle Nicely Referee of the Season = $100 BONUS

Referral Bonus: $25 for each referee you refer into the program


fall 2023 referee clinics:

If you are interested in becoming a referee in our program, please contact Anne Iwinski.

                     Returning Referees
                     Level 1 & 2 Referees
Monday, July 10th - 7:00-9:00pm - Breen Park
Thursday, July 20th - 7:00-9:00pm - Breen Park

                     Level 3 & 4 Referees
Monday, July 17th - 7:00-8:00pm - Breen Park
Thursday, July 27th - 7:00-8:00pm - Breen Park

                             New Referees
                New Referee Part 1: Administrative
Thursday, July 13th - 6:30-9:00pm - Breen Park
Monday, August 7th - 6:30-9:00pm - Breen Park

             New Referee Part 2: Laws of the Game
Monday, July 24th - 6:30-9:00 - Breen Park
Thursday, August 10th - 6:30-9:00 - Breen Park

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recreational referee awards

Our inaugural award winners will be announced following the Spring 2021 season.
Check back after the end of the season to learn about those referees.

travel league information

Local referee assignor

Andrew Kapoor


Phone: (312) 508-1300

referee staff

Anne Iwinski Headshot

Director of Operations

Anne Iwinski