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What age groups does TCSA cater to?

Ages 4 – 18

What equipment does my child need to play?

Shin guards, Soccer cleats, and a ball sized by age. Shirts and socks are provided in rec soccer.

When does the season start and end?

There are both Fall and Spring seasons which are built around school schedules.

When and where are practices held?

Dates and times are scheduled by coaches. Locations are selected by the coach at sanctioned fields, typically near your
child’s school boundaries.

Is TCSA a park district program?

TCSA is an independent, non-profit organization in partnership with local park districts.
We have a mix of full-time staff and volunteers that run the program together.


Who are the rec team coaches?

As a community-based program, our rec coaches are parent volunteers who work with the teams throughout the season.
They are supported by staff with training curriculum and group training opportunities.

How are recreational teams formed?

When registering during the “early bird” registration phase teams are created by age as well as nearest public elementary school. This way we can create neighborhood teams which helps with practice locations as well as being placed with their classmates.  Once the “early bird” registration period is over the office staff does their best to fill players by; nearest public elementary school (if team is not full) or places a child within the city they live on a roster that needs additional players to be a complete team.  Once the teams have been created and rosters are full, we do place late additions to the lowest rostered teams. Check out Recreational Policies & Procedures for more detail.

Not ALL players can play on the same neighborhood team if rosters are full?

In the event that there are more players in one area than roster spots available TCSA office staff will create two teams and will separate the teams by order date that they registered. Once a roster has been completed players are not moved to other rosters for any reason.

special requests?

Unfortunately with the volume of players we have in the program we do not honor special requests for players to be put on certain teams. There are two exceptions to this policy.

1. We will place special needs kids (Doctor Confirmation required) with a requested team is they sign up during early registration.

2 . We also do honor requests if up to three volunteer coaches request to coach a team together – All coaches must request to coach with one another when registering for the season.

You can requests to the office.

What do I do if I (or my child) have a problem with his coach?

1. Have you tried speaking with the coach about the circumstances?

2 . Notify TCSA by sending an e-mail to and someone will contact you for additional information.

How can I find out the rules for the TCSA Recreational Division my child is playing in?

They are available in the coach’s handbook and on the TCSA website.

game day

What days are games played?

Rec soccer games are on Saturdays.
Travel games are typically Sundays, but can vary.

What if the referee does not show up for our recreational game?

Call the referee coordinator – all contact information is in your coach’s binder. Coaches are instructed how to proceed when
there is no referee.

If a game is cancelled due to weather will it be made up?

No. There may be special exceptions that TCSA will make members aware of from time to time. If TWO full days of Saturdays are cancelled, we will extend the season one week (Fall Season only).

Can we make up missed games?

1. On game fields? No

2. On practice fields? This is a practice scrimmage between the two who agree to meet and play outside of TCSA. This is not a scheduled TCSA game and the results do not count towards the standings. Player waivers are present with the team during the practice scrimmage.

Can we practice on game fields?

Absolutely not. These fields are specifically game fields only.

What if the grass is too long on the practice or game fields?

Once our Park District Partner’s college helpers return to school in the fall the game fields maintenance priority and the practice fields are maintained as staff is available.

What kind of jewelry is allowed to be worn in the TCSA recreational games?

NONE!  It is a safety issue. And no, you cannot put Band-Aids over freshly pierced ears.

Will my child be ableto play in TCSA recreational games if he/she is wearing a cast?


Can my child wear regular (non-sport goggle type) glasses in TCSA recreational games?


What if we do not have enough shirts & socks for the number of players rostered to our team?

a note and someone from the TCSA staff will follow up with you and our vendor.


Can I still register with a paper form?

Of course! You can drop it off at the TCSA office or mail to PO Box 477 St.Charles, IL 60174.

Why do I have to print it out, sign, and mail an original paper waiver?

The original copy is for the medical waiver and is put in your child’s coach’s binder to have with at every practice and every game in case of an emergency.

When must I submit a copy of my child’s birth certificate?

If your child is a new player to TCSA a copy of their birth certificate must accompany their registration for conformation of the age division prior to registration being completed. If your child is a returning player you are not required to submit a copy of their birth certificate. We will verify and hand back birth certificate or shred it if it was mailed in.  We do NOT keep them on file.

What forms of payment can we use?

We accept cash, checks, credit cards, (other than American Express) and debit cards.

How will I know when my child’s registration is complete?

You will receive an email from TCSA letting you know your registration has been completed.

If my child was held back in school can he/she be placed on a team with her schoolmates?

Yes, you would just need to submit a doctor’s note requiring him/her to play down at the lower age group. This would need to be submitted with your registration and each fall season.

I haven’t heard from my coach yet:

is my child registered?

You can log on to your DASH account and it will tell you if he/she is registered for that specific season.

May I have the coach’s information to contact him/her?

Once the equipment handout is completed, we ask you to give the coaches a few days to contact the families.  After this time, you can call the office and we will get you the contact information you are looking for.

How can I update or change information in our player profile?

You can log on to your DASH account and make changes/updates at any time.  If you are having difficulties, you can submit the changes you would like to make in writing to the TCSA office and we would be happy to help.

What is included in my TCSA Recreational Soccer Fee?

TeamT-shirt, color coordinated socks, games on Saturdays, team picture, referee fees (if applicable), office staff, trainer staff, facility costs, field maintenance, insurance, etc.


TCSA Recreational Soccer Refund Policy

All refund requests must be in writing, and will be granted ONLY for injury and/or illness (accompanied by a physician’s report) or moving away from the TCSA area. Requests should be e-mailed, mailed or hand delivered to the TCSA office prior to the season coaches pick up.

How can I get my money back if my child cannot play?

All refund requests must be in writing and will be granted ONLY for injury and/or illness (accompanied by a physician’s report) or moving away from the TCSA area. Requests should be e-mailed, mailed or hand delivered to the TCSA office prior to the season coaches pick up.

Is there a refund for being unable to practice?

Unfortunately, there is not. Players at the rec age groups fees do not include practices. Practices are determined by the volunteer coach(es) and they can choose, time/location/days that work best for their schedules.

If my child cannot play in the fall can we transfer our fee to the spring season?

If you submit a request of transferring the fee to the spring prior to the end of the registration period, we will honor a credit to your account for the spring season.

We want to drop out of TCSA for the season, how should we
notify TCSA?

An e-mail or a letter (must be in writing) needs to be submitted to the TCSA office.